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Default .pst location in outlook 2007

Jon_Holtan asked

I need to change the default location for .pst files. I have managed to get it partly working by a gpo setting.
However, if i go to File->computer file settings->add .pst, it works. If i got to file->import/export and choose to export to a .pst file the location is my profile (this i a citrix terminalserver).
I addition i have the same problem with the archive function, it will default to my profile.
How can i override this, are there any gpo settings which have been left out.

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i didn't understand what exactly you want, any way

Tools-->account settings-->Data files

in that you can set the default, or create new location as you want

make sure the gpo is applied to the citrix server also. Usually best practices says to block GPO for TS.