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event 8207

ywainberg asked
hi, i get an error 8207 "Error updating public folder with free/busy information on virtual machine "servername". The error number is 0x8004010f"
my free/busy is working fine but i still getting this error ,i think is somthing to do with the OAB but i dont know what is wrong
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What version of Exchange are you running?


exchange 2007 Version: 08.01.0340.000


yep,sp2 is installed


i could not get any answer from any of this articles
Ok, first could you give more idea about the Topology.

Is the Exchange Server you have, is it Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007.

Second What version of the Outlook Clients d you have. Outlook 2003, 2007?


exchange 2007 sp2 on a server 2008 64bit platform
client version outlook 2007
Ok do you have any Outlook 2003 in the Environment.

What about another Exchange 2003 in the Environment.

The error states that it is not able to update the Free Busy Information in the Public Folder.

Outlook 2007 Clients does not Look into the Free Busy Folder in PF to post or update the Free Busy Information. It looks directly into the Mailboxes of the users and get the Free Busy Information in Exchange 2007.

The same is the case for Offline Address Book. If you are not using Outlook 2003 or Exchange 2003 then the Offline Address Book does not look in Public Folder as well.

So it is face to ignore this warning if you have only Outlook 2007 and later and Exchange 2007 and later.



did not get a comprehensive explanation