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Dynamics - hierarchical structure

If I have a top level business unit that I assign people to and then I want to block some of them from certain subordinate level business units can I do that in Dynamics? In other words I place user A and user B in the A Division business unit which has underneath it Dept A, B and C, can I have it set so that user A has rights in Dept A and B but not C and user B has rights in Dept B and Dept C?  If not that way would there be another way to accomplish the same end.  
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Principal Consultant
I'm assuming that you are talking about Dynamics CRM.

The business unit model in CRM is prinicpally to manage security. Security roles decide what records a user can work with and what actions they may take on records.  The extent to which a user can exercise a right (eg. delete accounts) depends on the depth of the security setting. The available settings are: none, user, business unit, parent:child business unit and organization.  These mean as follows (simplified to ignore sharing):
None  - the user cannot delete any accounts
User - the user can only delete accounts that they own
Business Unit - the user can only delete accounts they own or are owned by users in the same business unit
Parent:CHild - as business unit plus accounts owned by any user in any business unit below the user's business unit
Organization - the user can delete any account

On the face of it the security model does not accommodate your requirement because it doesn't work on the basis of specifying which business units a user has rights to but it is more a question of to what portion of the organization may a user have rights.