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Crystal v8.5 - watermark in page header/underlay following sections is covering up inserted lines

dawnyanne asked
I have a crystal report in v8.5 and have inserted a jpeg graphic into the page header and selected underlay following sections. The problem I have on my report is the watermark looks great except for where I have inserted lines on the report and the graphic is covering them up. I have tried to Move to front on the lines and tried move to back on the graphic but the lines are still being covered on the part where the graphic is. The lines on the report are just the Insert Lines.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance
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I believe that is the way Crystal works.

I ran into the same issue today and could not find any combination of move to front/back etc. that would allow the line to print on top of the watermark.  That is until I moved my section into a subreport.  Once the subreport was created, then the lines print on top of the watermark, as desired.  So, if you can move your section to a subreport, as I did, then you can overcome this frustrating Crystal "feature".  I am using Crystal Version 13.0.2000.0, with Visual Studio 2010.