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installing full-text indexing on SQL express 2005

I need to install indexing on a SQL 2005 express database.  From what I've read, to have this enabled, I should have installed the express with advanced services?  Is there any way to install this as an option now?  Or possibly reinstalling over-top with advanced services?  I've taken a backup of the machine in its current state so there's no problem taking risks as it can be rolled back.
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Here are the steps (link: http://sqlserverexpert.blogspot.com/2009/01/full-text-indexing-on-sql-express-2005.html)

Full Text Indexing On SQL Express 2005
The key here is that you need to download the version with Advanced Services.
The download size is larger but its worth it for the full text indexing feature.

Detailed instructions can be found at:


Install SQL Server Express Advanced
Make sure that you include the installation of Full-text Search(not included by default)
Disable user instances, either by unchecking it at setup or by running
sp_configure ‘user instances enabled’,0
Make sure your database has full-text search enabled, by checking the “use full-text indexing” in the “Create new database” window or by accessing the properties window for an existing dabase, Going to “Files” and checking the “use full-text indexing” option
With your database active, run

to create a full-text catalog.
Make sure that the tables that you want to be indexed under full-text search have a unique, non-nullable index
Create your unique indexes as follows:
CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON Production.ProductReview(Comments)KEY INDEX ui_ProductReview ON MyFullTextCatalogWITH CHANGE_TRACKING AUTO

If you run into trouble check the article link I supplied above there is a lot of info there and a link to a step by step video

Sql Express edition does not have Full-text index feature by deault. You need to download additional development tools to use full text index in sql express. Click Here to download: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/express/bb410792.aspx (click the advanced services SP2 link. there are descriptions below).

Hope my suggestion helps


There doesn't seem to be anything explicately for 2005, just a download link for 2008 and management tools as one package.

georgekl: The problem is that I already have 2005 installed, without advanced services.  The database has been running for 6 month so is populated.  It's not a fresh install.
I downloaded the advanced tools, and installed that overtop of the installation, this added my extra features while leaving the data intact.
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>>I downloaded the advanced tools, and installed that overtop of the installation, this added my extra features while leaving the data intact.<<
That is correct and exactly what was stated here http:#a32991529

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