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Public to private calendar sync - Alternative to add2exchange

mordiglio asked
We're looking of an alternative to add2exchange, which we are using at the moment and it does the job, hwen it works!! (problem is, it stops working at least twice a week without warning)

We want to be able to add entries to a shared calendar and syncronize the calendar with the personal calendars of a group of peaple.
The main reason for doing this is that shared and secondary calendars don't show on mobile devices.
Do ou know of any application that can do this?
Does Exchange 2007 support this by default?

We're running Exchange 2003, but moving over to 2007 in the next few weeks.

Thank you
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this link shows some alternatives to add2exchange.


add2exchange works fine for several of my customers so its worth trying to get it working. it works with exchange 2007 too.

There are no features in exchange to do this for you.


Thank you
I have found this http://www.codetwo.com/exchange-folder-sync/ (CodeTwo Exchange Sync ) and looks pretty good and reasonably cheap. Has anyone had any experience with CodeTwo Exchange Sync ?
Add2exchange works fine, but the service often hangs without warning and needs to be restarted.

Yes, you are right, I am sorry for your issue.  The earlier versions of Add2Exchange used to hang when the exchange store went down or when people did MS updates in the middle of a sync process.  It is best to stop the service prior to either of these events so MS does not "pull the rug out" from underneath us for SQL, .net and Exchange services. Often wmi and rpc can get shut off as well.  Normally it works like a champ.  It is also beneficial to stop Antivirus active scanning of our installed directory, that of ExchangeMapi and SQL.  There is a diagnostic in the current downloads which may help you, or just contact us here: http://www.diditbetter.com/supportrequest.aspx

I have not seen this problem in our support queue, so we have not had a chance to figure out what is the problem with your installation.  Perhaps an upgrade is all that is required and a pre and post command for your maintenence.

We have also included start and stop utilities for your convenience located in the installed directory: by default C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\ServiceRestart

Hope this helps you.  Yes we have some experience with Code2.  Call me and I will give you the pros and cons, but why not just fix your upgraded install?  We can help  800-837-8636  Tc