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Block Live Streaming (BBC football and ITV live worldcup matches)

eddiemartin asked
We have Websensev7 and ISA 2006 as proxy and content filterring. We are trying to block users watching live games over the internet. We configured the HTTP on ISA with file extension but it does not help. Is there a better way to block just the live games either from Websense or ISA?


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Can you not block keywords? Live, World Cup, Football, etc?
Also, you could try some workstation monitoring software, and then inform users that such monitoring is operation.
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Pretty much imposssible since it's streamed via akami and level3 and if you block those you'll block the likes of Microsoft. I looked into it a couple of years ago and gave up, even the BBC couldn't tell me how to block it.

You can tell the users that they are breaking the law by watching live video since your building hasn't got a TV Licence, although laptop users can watch legally under their home TV license if they are running on batterys.

If you have Websense v7, why do you use ISA for blocking?
Is Websense integrated with ISA? I assume yes...

The it is easy to block whatever you want. Websense give a lot of features and flexibility.
In Websense you can block streaming media, you can block gaming sites, specific protocols.
Only sites that have a 'fake' address for the media links, and it gets the real address from the header are not blocked by WS, which is quite rare. These should be blocked in ISA.
If you can submit some sample of sites you want to block, I can help.
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ehabsalem, let me give you an example, go to the following address:


You see there's an embedded pre-recorded flash movie, if I click to play it I have no problem since it's not live.

Now look at the red banner at the top of the page with a link "Live BBC News Channel " if I click to play that I'm breaking the law since I do not have a TV license.

There are no lists of URLS provided by the TV companies to help tell whether the content is live or not. Currently it may suffice to block bbc1live-f.akamaihd.net, but there's no guarantee that they'll be using the same address tomorrow.
I have blocked the following domain using DansGuardian:


This only appears to block the BBC live football stream and nothing else (e.g. live news & iPlayer streams are still available). The user does not get a denied message either so it is quite stealthy.

I'm not sure about ITV but it would be good if anyone else has any ideas?
I've blocked the ITV stream through ISA using the IP addresses of live.itv.com (prefer using IP to domain blocking where possible).  Thanks for the BBC link, hadnt tried that yet.
... the BBC out of interest must use the same servers, very similar IPs - :
AND  you also need to block Scottish ITV - sport.stv.tv
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They both use Akamai to host, I would recommend using the DNS name rather than IP address since blocking blocks
a92-123-154-90.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com which they may use for someone elses pages tomorrow.

Not sure the actual Flash streaming comes from the same servers as the web pages on live.itv.com, but in effect you're blocking the front door which should be enough to satisfy the law and to stop users watching footie when they should be working.
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Hmm, the scotish TV one is on Amazon EC2 (ec2-79-125-18-149.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com) , but the live stream may not come from there.

We really shouldn't have to block the whole sites just to block the live streams.


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Many thanks for all your contributions.  It's difficult to isolate any one comment as an accepted solution, they have all been helpful, and there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat with this issue.
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