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turning off vad for faxes

nabeel92 asked
If I have faxes in an IP network, i want to disable VAD for them ... Shud i disable VAD on the analog FXS port to which the fax is connected to or shud i disable the VAD on the specific dial-peer for the fax...I'm watching some cbt nuggets where it's doing them on dial-peer (specifically for faxes) whereas at work they're disabling VAD on analog ports by doing ? Does that matter ?  
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On dial peers is the only place its turned on by default so thats why you are seeing that in cbt and them putting in the no vad command.  In CUCM, CME its default is off.  Where are they turning off on the voice port? In CUCM you can turn it on but its a system parameter.  Maybe I am forgetting/missing something.

Never mind I found the commands they are using! comfort-noise.  Either way you still have to have no vad on the dial peers to actually turn vad off since its on by default.


So 'no vad' on the analog port does not disable VAD. it has to be done in the dial-peer, correct ?
Correct Vad is enabled on on the dial peers by default. Every where else you have to "turn it on"