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Photoshop CS3 // Add image to another image?

go4java asked
To me, PS is not very intuitive to sporadic users.
I opened an JPEG on layer 0 and added another layer 1.
Both obviously have the same size, so one cannot see layer 1.
I now need to add an image to layer 1, resize the whole stuff and want to move this layer over layer 0.
At the end the whole (layer 0 + 1) should be merged and saved as JPEG.
How to do this? BR
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after adding image on layer 1
press Ctrl + E to merge both tha layers
and then press ctrl + alt + shift + s and save as JPEG


Thanks. But how to add an image to another layer (and how to make it visible there are 2 layers with a certain contents)?
select layer and u can copy -paste the image.
in the Layers box, on the left there is an eye by which u can hide show the content in the layers


"select layer and u can copy -paste the image."
=> I selected an image with CTRL+C, clicked on the target layer and then CTRL+V - nothing seems to happen...
nope.. press ctrl key and click on teh box between layer 1 and eye where and image is displayed.
and then do Ctrl + C and Ctrl + v.


...mmmh, does not seem to be very easy to simply add an image to a new layer, don't know why...
I've 2 layer "lines":
line 1 has an eye, 2 small boxes and the text "Layer 1"
line 2 has an eye, 1 small box with the starting image and the text "Layer 0"
Couldn't get it done with your quick guide above...
Open the big image first, the one you want to fill the window/page.
Now open the image you want to place on top of it.

Select the MOVE tool and in the options bar (top of screen by default) tick on Auto Select Layer and Transform Controls.
In the layers palette drag the Background layer on to the first image you opened (make sure the second image opened window is active).
Now you should have two layers on the first image you opened, background at the bottom and layer 1 ontop.

Still using the move tool you can move the layer 1 around the image, and if you look carefully you will notice at the corners of the image are little nodes you can use to resize the layer to the size you wish.
Resize as required then click on the green tick at the top of the tool bar (top of screen) or press Enter on the keyboard to confirm you wish to resize.

Finally goto save as and save your image as a jpg and it will all be in one layer ready to place in word, send by email etc etc.
i also deserve points for the solution i gave..