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Saving 3ds Max 2009 files taking ages !!

This is not my specialty, so please treat me as a 3 yo.
Recently we encountered problems with saving 3ds max files, it takes a very long time to save a simple file. This happened on all PCs (mostly core i7 and Core 2 quad). Even a freshly installed PC has this problem, too.

At first I thought the files were corrupted, but even with newly designed files have that problems too. For example:
- A stair model 3ds MAX, 224 MB, takes 4 minutes to save.
- A bar model, 260 MB, takes 10 minutes to save.

All of our 3ds MAX guys have no ideas whats going on. What possibly is the cause of this  and how to we fix it ?

Please HEEEELP !!
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.

If you have your files on a network server, I would check the network is running properly and not overloaded.

Yes, sounds like a network problem. Try saving files locally and see what happens.


No, our network is very stable. And even when the users archived the file and try to do the whole saving on their standalone desktop, they still encountered the same slowness.

Do you require network access to run max, save files and so on, even if they are saved locally. Do have a server license, for example?
If it's not corrupted files, and not a network problem, then something must be wrong with the Max installations. What do Autodesk have to say about it?
The problem was with old faulty files in library they have been using in 3ds Max that caused the slowness.