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Cannot find older Ghost 14 Recovery Point

mikeabc27 asked
I'm trying to recover an XP PC with quite of few programs loaded. I set Ghost to take an image on a monthly basis a 1TB USB drive. This it did for most of last year but failed around November.

I thought I had so many images it would be fine, all the data was on the server.

Anyway, someone got into the habit of leaving the PC unlocked and the night staff decided to visit every porn site known to man rendering the PC useless the following morning.

I tried Combifix and Malwarebytes, but it was too bady infected. So, I thought, no problem, let's recover it though Ghost - but I cannot see any Ghost images for 2009, only for 2010.

Does anyone know if Ghost 14 has a time limit, e.g. can only recover images made with the last 180 days? And if so, if their a workaround? I'm using a fully licenced copy.

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Top Expert 2005
There is no time limit.You might have set it up to overwrite older copies as needed.Other than that, there should be no reason for Ghost not to use any version of image you can find.If you browse the drive on another machine do you see any GHO files dated 2009?


Thanks Netman66, I'm out fixing a couple of PCs - I'll try another PC as soon as I return.


Had to browse to find it