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Removing DC from the domain

I have domain and 2 domain controllers , one Win 2003 and one Win 2008 R2
I am trying to remove the 2008 DC from the domain.

When I use dcpromo,it indicates that the 2008 DC is the last controller in the domain, at least no other controllers where found. 'When I check Delete the domain because this server is the last controller in the domain' the server tells me its not the last DC in the domain and it is unwilling to process the request.
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If you have a 2003 and a 2008 DC, then you have TWO DCs - so the machine is NOT the last one in the domain

Make sure that all of the FSMO roles, global catalog, DNS and other services are on the other machine then demote the 2008 machine.
Try this link for details on the FMSO roles.


If this doesnt fix it you need to check your replication as it doesnt look like the DCs are playing nicely together.
it is recomended you have at least TWO DCs in a domain to avoid singel point of faliure
if you still want to demote
you have  2 DCs one 2003 and other 2008.. so you can not selcet this is the last dc in the domain
you can use  command : netdom query fsmo
to check the current role onwers.. make sure that there are no roles assigned to dc you are demoting
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You dcdiag then post. Make sure you have transfered your FSMO roles to a functioning DC.



Here are snapshots of my problem
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This is asking if this is the last DC in the domain