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Outlook Contact Consolidation

Bright01 asked
Something strange has happened to my Outlook Contact file.  All of a sudden, I have two files; one that says "Outlook Contacts" and one that says "Outlook Collected Contacts".  Previously I had over 5,500 contacts in my Outlook file.....now it seems like it's extracted some of the contacts....most from one company (around 200) and have put them alone in the contact file while leaving all of the rest in the Collected Contacts file.  While I could toggle between the two, I'd rather have only one single contact file.  Any ideas as to what happened and how do I now put them together?

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Do you have a LinkedIn toolbar?? http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=outlook_toolbar_20_privacy

To consolidate you could go to one of your contact lists and press Ctrl + A to select all contacts then drag them to the other contacts folder - outlook will move them over notifying you if there are any duplicates.


Excellent answer; worked out perfectly.