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Network users print to shared printer from pc connected via VPN?

PYehl asked
I have a user who works at home 1/2 of the time.  He connects into the SBS2003 server via std windows VPN client.  He has a networked HP Color Laserjet at home.  He wants a few select people from the main office  to be able to print to his printer.  He has the printer as 'shared' but I'm unable to 'add printer' on the server - I put in his IP address and his machine name - neither will let em pick his printer.  I did download the Win Server 2003 drivers for that printer and install - so that is ready to go - just can't figure out a way to actually add it to the server IF it is even possible.  He has an XP Pro laptop at home - networked thru a linksys router (to which the printer is also connected to) Thanks!!
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You would have to have the VPN client active for this to work (if it even will work). Did you check to see if the WIndows firewall was blocking the requests to the remote PC? Can you ping the VPN client IP of the remote machine?

   PYehl, my first thought was that this would not be possible. If he is able to the printer should be directly connected to the home client for it to be accessed through VPN. If he has other machines on his local network that need access to the same printer then he can install that printer (on those other machines) as a shared printer through his machine. I know this might not be possible if the printer and the VPN client machine are in different rooms and/or if he does not want to have his client machine on all the time. My only other suggestion (and this is from a little research I did but have no further insight into it) is to enable Split Tunneling on the VPN server side. This has security concerns and might only work for the client to access his own Printer via his local network through VPN.
It is possbile to share out the printer, but it has to be shared on the remote PC, unless you set up a site-to-site VPN. One strong consideration would be to give the remote VPN client a static VPN IP address. That would prevent any potential problems with IP & name resolution issues.


waiting for user to get back with me on this.  It might have been the Windows Firewall.  Once I get him to change setting on that - I will be able to try to add printer from server.  I will let ya know as soon as he gets back with me.  Thanks!

So Pyehl, how did things work out?