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Resource Redirection through RemoteApp Programs

I've been trying to get Local Drives to appear through a RemoteApp.
I see the option to redirect Clipboard and Ports, but I cannot get "Drives" to appear.
I also tried creating an RDP File, and the drives option is not there.
The drive redirection is not disabled in the Session Host Configuration.
Do you know how I can do this?

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The RDP has an option to include drives/printers.
The options hover could be controlled to prevent the mapping of drives and/or printers on the remote site or from being shared from this client side.

What is the remoteAPP if different from RDP?


For example, I added Winword.exe for Word 2003, but there isn't an option to share drives for that Icon.
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What do you mean by share drives for that ICON, you could define for the global shortcut that the start location is what ever you need.
i.e. %homedrive\%homedrive%%HOMEPATH% etc.