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CDE Front Panel  Host - Console

Shen asked
Is it possible to remove from the CDE front panel the " Console"  item from the "Host" menu for specific users.  
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Distinguished Expert 2019
No, since there is no way to know who will be logging in.
An option could be to during the login process to check whether the user should be logged in on the console and act accordingly.

i.e. do you have a central config that is processed by each user?
The user could bypass it by editing their config and removing the line.

In a simplistic example, you are asking how to disable the door bell for some users.


We just got a new Unix system and for now the users are logging in through go-global. We copied sys.dtwmrc to $home/.dt/dtwmrc for each user and edit the file. We were able to remove items from the background menus like terminal access,etc. However,  through this file (dtwmrc) we can't remove menu items in the front panel like the "Console"  item from the "Host" menu for specific users.  Could there be another file in addtion to dtwmrc that could be copied to the user's $HOME and  be modified or these items can't  be modified.  

check if this helps,


which version of solaris OS you are using?


version: SunOS 5.10

I checked the document. This is the file that we modified and  successfully removed some items from the background menus. However, removing menu items from the front panel (I guess the task bar) is where we can't.  Example: Under the "Host" menu, the menu item "Console".  

did u check all other files mentioned in the document?


I see 3 files in the document:

 1. $HOME/.dt/dtwmrc  
 2. /etc/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc
 3. /usr.dt/config/lanaguage/sys.dtwmrc

I copied 3 into 1.  The path for 2 /etc/dt/ does not exist.