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Mappoint 2010 Active X Control and IE7

We have an application that has been written for our Company in PHP and Java which uses the Mappoint 2010 Active X Control.  The app works fine in IE6 on Windows XP SP3 but when we updated to IE7 the Mappoint Control will not load.

The same app works in IE7 and IE8 on a Windows 7 machine.

Any sugestions as to how we could correct this without changing every machine to Windows 7.
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Have you tried enabling "Binary and Script Behaviors" in the Internet
Yes, we checked and enabled this in the browser settings.  We have also checked and enabled several other itesm to allow for the control to run in the browser.

We have one machine that is on the domnain and which uses windows 7 along with IE7 ( and latterly IE8 ) and have no broblems running the app with the Mappoint Control.

The app will also run in IE6 on the XP machine but will not operate correctly in IE7 on the XP machine.