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Server 2008 New File Type and Command

I have a windows 2008 storage edition in which I have installed a new fax server on.  The problem is that in order to use the fax server, I have to add a new file type to the system and associate it with print and printto shortcut commands.  I have looked everywhere and could not find any info on adding file types to the system.  The only way I was able to accomplish this was to add a new file to the system, give it the extension I needed, attempt to open it, and tell it to always use notepad(which is what I needed it to use).  The next problem came in with using the print and printto shortcut commands.  In older OSs, you had the Tools->Folder Options->File Types tab then the Advanced button to set up actions for a file type.  That does not seem to exist in Server 2008 SE.  I ran across an application(FileTypesMan) that allows for editing file types and their details, I tried using it and added the Print and PrintTo commands to the new file type(.jma), but when I right click a file of that extension and tell it to Print, I get the following error:

Windows Cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

Can anyone give me any insight into this as I am new to Server 2008 SE

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That does not show anything about setting commands(Print,Printto,etc).  That also only allows for associating an already existing file type, not adding a file type.  Although going around the world I added the filetype and file association.


Thanks, that helps quite a bit.