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Social networks + CMS ( + open-source)

This is a similar question to one I just made, but this time I am looking for CMS no ecommerce solutions.

What Social networks + CMS solutions are out there? And what are open-source?

Also could you comment on them: positive points, negatives, target and/or objective, etc.

Thanks a lot.
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Joomla is a very well known Open Source CMS : http://extensions.joomla.org
pro: free, good community, lot of help, multilanguage,lot of component
con:not easy to set up if you have custom needs, too many security update, now a lot of component are commercial,

Expression Engine : expressionengine.com
pro: very flexible and intuitive, good community, good code quality, good template system, secure
con: depending of the version and needs you may have to pay a license but it is a one time license not that expensive

Both have the possibilities to include all Social Network needs.

There are severals CMS on the web the best way to find out the one that will meet your needs is to try some on your PC, you will need to set up a web server you can do it by using EasyPHP http://www.easyphp.org (easy to install and use).

Good luck


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