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Driver installer breaks on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Vs Windows XP Pro SP3


I need to create Windows embedded standard 2009 images for a product based on standard PC motherboards (Asus P5Q-EM DO for now). The plan is to have the Windows image customized for our software, but generic as far as hardware support is concerned so we can change hardware platform without having to generate a new image (we silently install all specific drivers from a "runonce" command just after the first boot agent completes).

While all driver packages install silently without issues on any install of Windows XP SP3, some (if not most) driver installers cannot seem to do so on WES. They keep prompting for primitives like pci.sys without looking for them first. I manually need to point to the files every time. The primitives are present and correctly located in the image (Windows\system32\drivers for this example). In addition to this, I sometimes get errors when trying to manually add drivers where Windows complains that there is a missing section in the inf file (the same inf file that works fine in regular installs of Windows XP).

How do I get  the driver installers work out of the box without modifying them (or how do I modify WES so that it can install the drivers properly using their own setup.exe).

Note :I have tried the WinLogon sample macro and a "Full-XP" macros from the web and got the same result.
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With regards to deleting the question and reposting, I wouldn't thik someone is holding back information, or if that is the case, would finaly share the information if the question was posted again.

With regards to this question, it apears that the knowledge required to configure Windows Embedded Standard or XPe to allow normal installation of all driver packages as they would on Windows XP is not available.

So, unless some engineer at Microsoft has someting to add, the resolution of this question is that the solution is not available.