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Java will not load in IE using Remote Desktop Services 2008 (Terminal Services)

I have a program that runs in a web browswer with a specific version of Java. When using IE, you goto the internal website, it loads Java and you logon. I can do this from any desktop (2008, 2003, 7, Vista Xp). No problem. I have the link in my RDS management so when a user logs into the Remote Desktop website all you have to do is click on it, launches IE and starts to load the webpage. This is where the problem is. Under Remote Desktop (Via Webpage) i launch IE with that points to the application web page, get the logon, but it doesn't kick off java. I click on tools in IE to see if Java was loaded as an add on and their are no add ons listed. I added it to the trusted sites, still no good. It will work locally on the remote desktop services server with out a problem, it just seems that it won't load java when it's in a terminal services browser.

Any thoughts?


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try installing JRE separately on the remote machine
IT Manager
The issue was i was running the JRE (32 bit) on a 64bit server. Once I downloaded the correct one, all was fixed. Thanks for the help