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Windows Server 2003 SBS and Adaptec Storage Array

ITIExperts1 asked
I have a Windows Server 2003 SBS that seems to lock up at startup, it has done this twice so far.  If I hard boot it comes up with no issues whatsoever.  I have disabled Automatic Updates so it shouldnt reboot on its own anymore but while I was looking through the Event logs I noticed these - \Device\Scsi\aac1: ID(0:02:0); Error Event [Cmd:0x28]

There are three events that are warnings with the event id number of 4097 and the event is AAC.  I did some searching and found that its most likely a bad disk, but I did diagnostics on both of the disks and they passed.  Does this mean possible that Disk 2 is bad according to the Storage controller?
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Are you using the Adaptec Storage Manager with your controller? If you are you can go in there to see if there is an issue with one of your disks.

If not, go into the controller BIOS and run a verify media on each drive. If it passes they are good.


No.  Is that an available download?
Download: http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/speed/raid/storage_manager/asm_windows_x86_v5_01_16862_exe.htm

I could say 'TADAA' and make it seem more like magic ;-)


Thank you.  I'll give this a shot.