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Installing XP Pro: Setup Cannot Find Hard Drive

PigoMan asked
hi all,

i am trying to install xp pro on a dell poweredge 600sc that was running windows server 2000.  i was able to wipe the drive, but when i insert the installation disk i get this error message:

"setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.  make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct."

i opened up the case and checked all wires and connections.  the hard drive is there and set to "master."

thanks in advance!
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Does the BIOS recognize the drive?  If the BIOS does not see the drive then Windows won't either.

Could be 2 things....

1. the setup CD you are using is an OEM from another vendor. This is ther error you'll get if you try use a HP restorre cd in a Dell for instance.

2. You need to load the raid drivers. You'll see a prompt when the server starts to load the setup. Go into this and insert the driver disk when prompted.


skykingjwc: yes the bios recognizes the drive

ggntt: i dont have any of the cds and diskettes that came with the 600sc.  can you find these raid drivers online?

In my opinion it should be only missing harddrive driver, so windows wont recognize your harddrive and therefore cant work with it. If you have a floopy drive and driver on diskette no problem, when installation starts press F6 and specify driver to use.

Better would be to find up-to-date driver on internet and use NLite to create custom XP installation with that driver.
If you will have trouble finding driver post here manufacturer brand, type and S/N I will find drivers for you.
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
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What RAID controller is it connected to?  I'm guessing since you said the drive is set to "master" that you have the CERC ATA 100/4CH card in it.  If so, Dell never shipped that card in a system that supported XP, so drivers will be difficult to find, but you can try one of the following from LSI's website (most CERC and PERC controllers are just OEM versions of LSI controllers co-branded for Dell).


You will need to change to the Support and Downloads tab, then download the driver for XP.  Hopefully one of those will work ok.

If it has a different controller in it, let us know what it is.

go in bios.
change the sata mode option either compibily or ata.
then check it it will work.

after doing this if dont find hdd again then load raid driver on fdd & while you are loding windows that it has written one option press f6 to load external driver there press f6 & give path of fdd it will pick.


Thanks this worked!