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Cisco 521 Wireless Access Point - Standalone configuration

JasonGreff asked
I am trying to configure a Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point as a simple wireless access point.  I am not having any luck getting started.  The quick start guide is useless.  I've tried downloading Cisco's CCA program, and tried discovery mode, but that does not appear to work.  I don't have a DHCP server on the network, nor do I have any other Cisco devices, so I am unsure how to connect to this thing for the first time.  The documentation I have found on Cisco's site is all about using it in conjunction with other devices and I find it very confusing.  Help!
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To use the 521, you will need something to provide client addressing or you will need to statically assign an IP Address to each of the wireless nodes (devices, laptops, etc) on the network.  Using the 521 assumes you have a wired network (switch) and/or either have a server providing IP Addressing or a router providing the same with a DHCP Service.  You will need to upgrade the device to a Wireless Router if none of the above is true.
I was planning to use static IP addressing for the wireless clients.  My issue was two-fold: first, I had no way to assign an IP address to the access point so that I could get online with it to configure it; second, I had no user name or password for the unit once that issue was resolved.  I had to get a DHCP server on the network in order to get the access point assigned an IP.  I was able to find the user name and password in the Cisco customer forums, it comes with a default user of "admin" with a password of "Cisco".

Great. Good luck!

Great! Good luck with it!