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turn off uac by policy

I have W7 boxes and I want to turn off uac by policy. However I do not see any UAC references in Windows settings>Local Policies>Security Options as in this article http://www.petri.co.il/disable-ua System settings: Use Certificate Rules... is the last item on the list. Is there an update to add the UAC settings?
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Have you upgraded your GPOs for 2k8?  If your information in the "Zones" refers correctly to a 2k3 machine, the policies won't be there yet since there was no UAC in XP.

You would have to update your Active Directory to the 2k8 group policy level, meaning you need a domain functional level of 2003 or above.

Do you have any 2k8 machines in the environment (DCs or Non-DCs)?


I suspected this. No I don't have any 2k8 machines in the environment, is it possible to update this without a 2k8 server?
I would look here and see if this is what you are searching for


it doesn't look like you can manage it on 2003 servers, as it needs to be Vista or 2k8 based.  you could try installing remote server administration tools on a vista or 7 box to see if you can handle it that way, but it may be more confusing and trouble than its worth.

If you were planning on a 2k8 DC anytime soon, running its version of adprep to update the forest/domain/group policy objects would then allow that machine to work with those client side preferences.