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Exchange 2003 Free/Busy details on resource rooms?

This is realted to the same question asked in Exchange 2007.  How do you show the details of a reserved room/resources in Outlook when viewing or scheduling in Exchange 2003?
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Do you use outlook? If yes then, http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/schedule-a-meeting-HP001230384.aspx?origin=HA010074306
If no info is displayed, try to execute outlook with /cleanfreebusy switch.

First at all, the "viewer" needs access rights to the calendar.
Logon as this resource, open Outlook and right click calendar - Security
Add the user / groups which want to see the calendar.
Also you may grant at leasr read permission on the root folder (mailbox)

Then you can add this calendar to your outlook environment
--> File - Open - Folder of a different user --> select the user and select calender.
--> Or add just the mailbox within your mail-account properties, then you get all folders, you have rights for.

Free / Busy does not show details.
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