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offsite/online backup system

We an IT support business, we are looking to provide a backup service for our customers, we want to allow our clients to backup to a hosted server, allowing backup and restores on a schedule. We want to allow file backups, systems states, exchange db's etc.

We have looked at the solution by www.ahsay.com but lookign at the forums posts, people dont seem too happy with the speeds, and support.

Can anyone recommend any solutions or systems that we could look at?

Thanks in advance.
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SOS Online looks good: www.sosonlinebackup.com


In addition to my original post, we are looking for a system that will enable us to have a hosted server, running the system, this will be kept in a local datacentre. The backups will be done to this over the interet, we want a system that we control and administer, but are able to do large scale backups to HDD and then copy over to server in place.
Create a public facing ftp sever, then set the ftp server to restrict users to their own directory - using filezilla server its easy to set this up.

Have the customers backup to file, then using script ftp it across.