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oracle10. upgraded....

kemblewhitfield asked
Hi Experts,
I recently upgraded to from on windows 2003 server, 64bit. I installed oracle companion cd before I upgraded the database. I executed utlrp.sql after upgrade. I got the following invalid synonyms  
OWNER    SYNONYM_NAME                       TABLE_OWNER                   TABLE_NAME    
PUBLIC      DBMS_AW_UTILITIES      OLAPSYS                                 DBMS_AW_UTILITIES
PUBLIC      STATS$ENQUEUE_STAT      PERFSTAT                                STATS$ENQUEUE_STAT

All three of them are invalid because the tables dont exist. I am not sure if those tables are not available in If that is the case then why are those synonyms created . Moreover I didnt install oracle companion cd in earlier version. i did it just before the upgrade. Any help will be appreciated guys

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Database Administrator
I wouldn't worry much about those (built-in) objects.  I don't have an Oracle10.2 database to compare to, but I looked for these in our 10.1 and 11.1 databases.  I see two of those three in our 10.1 database (not: SDO_AVAILABLE_ELEM_OPS) and a different two of those three in our 11.1 database (not: STATS$ENQUEUE_STAT).


Resolved by myself..