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Terminal Server 2008 Printing Issue

spradsrv asked
We just purchased a new HP 1606DN laser jet professional printer.  We are trying to get it to print for one of our client computers.

We are running Terminal Server 2008 64 Service Pack 2.  We have many local HP printers currently working with out issue using the HP Easy Print Driver.  The client computer can print fine to these other printers, just not the HP 1606.

I have ensured Everyone has full permission to the spool folder and sub folders.

I have installed the HP 1606 print driver on the server as well.  However, the client uses the East print driver for redirecting the 1606.  

Is there a way for me to use NOT use the easy print driver just for this 1 printer?  Easy print works great for all other printers just not the 1606.

I did not see any error messages in the event viewer.  

When we print a page or test page, Termial Server says the print job failed.

Clients are running Windows 7 with RDP client 6.17.
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Just install the printer locally on the server.
All users will be able to print from it. when working in TS session.

Or do you need them to print form desktop and use the TS server as a print server?


I have installed the print driver locally on the server.  When the user connects, terminal server assigns them the easy driver rather than the locally installed 1606 print driver.

You will also find a printer that doesn't have the (printer from session x) after then printer name.
Use this printer and it will work fine.

Did you also setup the server as a PRINT SERVER ?


The remote printer does not show up with out the (printer from session x).  The printer is not connected to the server, only to the client.  

We did not setup as a Printer Server.


I had to disable easy printer in local group policy.

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Printer Redirection

Then the 1606 DN pinter used the locally installed printer.  Other printers that do not have a locally installed print driver still used the Easy Driver.

This solved my issue.


Partial solution

Is it a network printer?
I'm having a similar problem, but the 1606 is on someone's home computer.  They want to be able to print at home, but can't.  So, installing the printer locally on the server won't work.