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setup a FTP account on the server

Hello Experts
I have a dedicated windows 2003 hosting with IIS and FTP server pre installed. I have a default ftp.hostname.com site setup already and is currently in use.
I now have a situation where I need to create a new FTP site for one of the client to connect to us and download few files.
I thought it would be easier to setup another FTP site, create a new user from the computer management and then map this user to the FTP site by right clicking on the FTP site ->  properties-> security accounts-> define the username and password and thats it?

When I try to connect from the FTP client I was not able to connect to. Please can someone advise what else would I need to do in order to enable FTP connection to this site?

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We typically stay away from the Windows IIS FTP server and services.  I've found on a large number of instances that the FTP site gets hacked by brute force attack and the IIS Server becomes compromised.  We've enforce strong passwords, obscure usernames, etc. but have never taken the time to research the actual exploit or method the attacker has used to successfully compromise the site.  We have moved all of our internal and client-based FTP services to a company called Cerberus FTP (http://www.cerberusftp.com) and have had great success with that service.  The product is relatively inexpensive, the configuration is easy and very flexible.  You can create individual users with specific folders, granular permissions, etc.  I highly recommend setting up Cerberus in place IIS FTP.


hi rehamris
thank you for your input and your advice. i am currently not worried about the site being hacked as its not very important, all i would need to know whether its possible using FTP site, i would be glad if you could please let me know how?

Just so I understand: you currently have 2 FTP sites, both using ftp.hostname.com and both with different users. One was the default FTP site and the other the newly created FTP site.

Unless you have a second external IP assigned to the second FTP site, both sites are using the same IP and the client may not be finding the correct site. Have a look at that. Alternatively, you can use the same IP address but assign a different port to the second FTP site and advise the user to use that port to connect. This will differentiate the 2 FTP sites and they can connect to the correct one.

All that said.. If this is going to be something you will be doing frequently, have a look at WS_FTP server. 1000 times more robust than the Windows built-in FTP or a hosted solution like Cerberus.

You should be able to create a new ftp site in IIS but will need to use a different IP Address or listening port per site. In the properties of the site, click the Advanced button and you can change the listening port using the same ip address. If you use a different port, you will need to make sure that port is forwarded from the fireall. If you want to change the IP Address, you will need to add the IP address in the network control panel and configure the router to forward tcp/21 to that ip address.    

Cerberus is a downloadable product similar to WSFTP. I like both servers but prefer Cerberus because the interface is simpler. Humble opinion, ofcourse ;) (and no, I don't own stock in Cerberus:))
Hi there. Looks like unintentionally snubbed Cerberus. I actually phrased the last part of my post wrong, what I intended to relate was use either Cerberus or WS_FTP, (anything other than built-in FTP). Apologies rehamris
There is also Filezilla server - easy to configure, has better logging than IIS, create FTP user accounts that are separate from Windows user accounts, can set individual users' "home" directories.  Individual users can have separate permissions - like read-only, read and write, etc etc.  And there is even an FTP over SSL option if desired.

Free to download and use.


thank you all for your valuable informations ... much appreciated...

Filezilla Server : because its free I would have no problem to use it but please can others let me know if its good to use it?

I will be publishing PDF files from my .NET windows service and store them on some folder on the server ..

I used to send these through HTTP earlier to the client but now they want to download them via FTP, perhaps they want to automate the process ...

Please advise
I've used it and it works nicely. If your needing to be budget conscious it's a solid way to go.


ok thanks BDoellefeld

let me try on my local machine first and see if its ok to do the same on the server..