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Run floppy drive off IDE

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We just built a computer for a client. The client relized upon picking up they had failed to mention the needed the floppy drive from the old computer, so i run it back to the shop, install the old dive, then founf there is no floppy connector on the motherboard. There is a IDE, is there anyway to plug the floppy into the IDE slot? Or some kind of converter? Or would it be best to buy a USB floppy?
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USB floppy would be the best... pretty sure there aren't any IDE-based floppies...and even if there were, that's a pretty non-standard thing.

I agree - an external USB floppy drive would be the best option.  They run around $35-50 online or a little more from a retail store.  A quick search on CDW.com has them starting at $34.99



Ok i'm fairly certain i'm going to have to just get the USB, i wasn't really looking for an ide floppy, i was seeing if i could plug the floppy ribbon cable (34 pins?) into a regular IDE slot. I've seen Floppy cables plugged into cd drives and they have functioned before, so i was wondering if there was a similar fix.

Unfortunately, a 34-pin floppy drive cable won't work in a 40-pin IDE slot and there is no inexpensive adapter that I know of.  
I've never heard of putting a floppy cable in the CD ROM, so am surprised that that would work.


jhy - So was i, it was actually a mistake by my elder superior in a pc he built, i was just noticed it one day, checked it out and sure enough it worked.
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A few years ago both HP and IBM sold a dual CD/Floppy unit that connected via IDE -- you can still find a few available if you search for them.

However, for this particular issue -- just buy a floppy designed with an IDE interface.    The lack of a floppy controller is common on modern motherboards, so they now make floppies that work through the IDE connection:  http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4975155&CatId=630