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exporting data from Microsoft Access 2007 to an fdf format.

I am wondering if this is possible:  I have an access database where information about documentation is stored (this is for a records management center).  We are retroactively adding cover sheets/ transmittal forms to all older documents.  This form is currently a pdf form with editable fields.  Typing up a form for several hundred docs is going to be difficult. Is there a way to export from the access database (perhaps as an fdf or pdf then fdf) and import into the form but creating a new form for each document? Thanks.   Am in the office, will respond quickly.
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have you tried this, from the Ribbon
External Data > Pdf or xps


yes but it just creates a pdf of the spread sheet.  from there i tried to create an fdf to import into the transmital form but that did not work either. it wanted to put all of the records into one transmittal form.
You can use the option to export to Word as a mail merge.   Work can output the Mail Merge doc as PDF