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Connecting to Citrix Presentation server 4 with Xenapp client

tcsnetwork asked

We are running Citrix Presentation server 4 and don't plan to upgrade until the end of the year.  I have a user that is running Windows 7 and needs to connect to our server.  We don't have any hosted apps just desktop.  All other user connects with the older citrix client and just makes a custom ICA connection.  

The older client crashes on Windows 7 and the new client only has settings for application pools.  

So how do I create a custom ICA connection on the new client or is there an older client that is windows 7 compatible?


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These set of posts should cover the issue pretty well, essentially you need the version 11 client but it is a little buggy:


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Have you tried this ICA creator?
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This ica file creator can be used by admin and i dont think this can be used by user.
You can put the new ica client on the users computer and just send him ICA files and they will open using the newer client - no need to put the old ica client on his pc. You can open ICA files in notepad and see the settings. Just move the ica files from the older pc's onto this users win7 machine. But why not use web interface? Why custom ica files? Or put your custom ica files on a website and send him the url.