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Outlook 2007 Crashing when opening ms office doc from attachment

boxerbill asked
I am having an issue with one users Outlook 2007 when they try to open an office doc from an attachment it crashes and restarts this is in owa as well. If you save the doc and then open the office application then open the saved doc its fine. If you try to open a txt doc or pdf straight from Outlook it opens fine straight away? It has all the relevent sp's and updates and uninstalled all the AV software, We are using Outllok 2007 and the rest of office is xp/2002, any ideas?

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Is it all Office Docs or just a particular app (Word, Excel etc), or just 1 particular document?  Reason I ask is that some types of malware can screw with the Office installation.   What you may need to do is uninstall Office 2007, clean out the registry then re-install.  Also for the love of God put the AV back on! Dodgy attachments in email are one surefire way of infecting your PC.

Suggest the following in this order:

1) Install update & run Malwarebytes or Spybot (or both!) If they won't install it's definitely malware related and best thing to do is a full format & rebuild of the workstation.

2) Re-install AV and do a full scan.

3) Uninstall Office. Re-install to latest service pack.

Try opening the attachment again.

just a few questions for some additional info:

Are you seeing this only with a certain document, say a particular word file, or do you see it with all office documents?

When you say that "this is in owa as well" do you mean that IE, or whatever web browser you are using crashes, or does Office crash?

When you say "it has all the relevent sp's and updates" do you mean Exchange, Outlook or Office?


Hi sorry for not being clear

iIts happening with all office based docs, when we try to open it from OWA in ie it doen't crash ie but opens word or excel with a grey body and sits on not responding intill we kill it. Outlook 2007 is on sp2 didn't think about office and we use hosted exchange.

Make sure office is patched up to at least its most recent service pack.

Are you using roaming profiles, or group policies that might be affecting temporary storage locations, or group policies for office 2007 that are having trouble with macro content in a document?


The problem was solved by installing outlook 2020 sp3