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Hardware requirement for zimbra

i am having 2 domains with 25 email id in each, total 50 email id.

i want to configure zimbra and i want to configure clustering and loadbalancing with it for that ill am ready to take two dedicated servers.
i dont have server so i am planning to rent two dedicated server so i have two questions.

1 - what is the hardware requirement for clustering and load balancing.
(for 2 domains and 50 email id, hope i can do it on core 2 duo with 2 GB ram)

1 - plz give me some good links from where i can have dedicated servers for one month at very cheap rate

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Chief of Staff
with that size userbase you could easily do it with servers with only 512MB RAM and single core CPU's.
Obviously these are no longer entry level configs and a core duo with 2GB of RAM will more than happily satisfy your users.


can i do clustering using zcs open source edition.
Barry GillChief of Staff
sure - but you need to satisfy WHY you want to run clustering for this userbase. That number of users you are SIGNIFICANTLY increasing complexity (and therefore the potential for something to go wrong) by introducing clustering, and gaining nothing at all from a resilience perspective as you are running it on a single virtual server.