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Access is denied, unable to remove device when trying to delete a printer.

Okay.  This is a pretty good one.  I have a user that I have made an admin on his machine.  He is running a 64 bit version of Windows 7.  I have a program that runs a batch file that does tons of things upon login, so it is possible that a registy key was set to deny printer removal, but I set something up to allow printer removal (I thought).  When I right-click on any printer I wish to remove, I get a message that says "Access is denied, unable to remove device".  What can I do in this case?  I hvae several printers that say (redirected 2) after them, so if course they are undesirable.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.
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This has been resolved.  Apparently this has something to do with being RDP'd in to this machine.  I log in locally as the same user and the printers do now show up.