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BES User "Active" but still showing "DESKTOP" on the handheld after OTA activation

I am using Blackberry Professional Software 4.1.4 (Bundle 183) for Microsoft Exchange. Running on a Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine. The mail server is running SBS 2008 / Exchange 2007.

Last week I had to re-install our Blackberry Professional Software and do an OTA activation for our 3 wireless handsets. Since that time, 2 of the users are working correctly but the 3rd is having issues.

The third handheld is a Blackberry 9630. I've set the activation password and attempted enterprise activation through the device a few times. Each time it appears to be successful but the status later reads "DESKTOP" and it seems that e-mail is being routed through his desktop instead of BES. Within the BES Manager, his status is "Running" and everything looks identical to the other two users. The only difference is that his Wireless Calendar shows "Disabled" and all of his device information is blank.

He does have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on his workstation, and I've gone so far as to remove and re-install it and ensure that it is set up to use BES instead of the desktop redirector. Although the redirector is installed, when I open it it does show that it is running through the BES as the BES workstation name is listed in brackets next to "Running".

I've completely wiped his handheld, removed him from the BES and selected the option to remove the config/mail data as well. Upon re-adding him, the same thing happens - the status shows "DESKTOP".

I'm at a loss as to what to do. My next step is to first remove Blackberry Desktop Manager from his workstation, then wipe his handheld, remove him from BES (as well as the mail/config data), then re-add him. Not holding my breath, but any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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I've resolved this issue.

1) Uninstalled Blackberry Desktop Software from the client workstation.
2) Rebooted Client Workstation and performed a Send/Receive in Outlook.
3) Deleted the User from Blackberry Professional Software (along with mail config data, as prompted).
4) Rebooted Blackberry Professional Software machine.
5) Performed a local security wipe on the offending handheld.
6) Added the user back in Blackberry Professional Software.
6a) Assigned Password, performed OTA activation on device.

Performing the above, in that order, resolved the issue. The device is now redirecting through BPS as expected, and the device information is showing up through BPS as well.