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Where do I add the license key in ColdFusion 9

I worked with a representative on live chat at Adobe.  We had installed ColdFusion 9.  Our developer worked on the system in developer mode.  The license was purchased.  I was told that there were 3 options to installing the license key.

Wait for the trial to expire and then it would ask me to install the key
Set the system clock back so the license would expire
Uninstall and Reinstall the product.  I was told that I might lose some settings.

This seems bizarre.  Why can't I just add the key now?  Other software I have purchased allows entering a key at any time.  Is there some reason Coldfusion doesn't do this?  I couldn't find any answer in their forum.  I thought I would check with you folks to see if this is correct.
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Mike ThomasConsultant
Top Expert 2010

If it isn't obviouse try the "Help" menu as it quite often hides there with most apps.

you can enter the license key any time you want, and you definitely DO NOT need to reinstall cf to enter it!

just log in to cf administrator, the  click the little green "i" button on the top right. the first field in the form is the "New License" field.

>> little green "i" button

that should be little BLUE button, of course... :)


and of course don;t forget to click "Submit Changes" button after you enter the license key...



Azadisaryev split the answer across three comments.  The combination is the exact solution.  He should get full credit if I haven't entered that correctly
You folks are great!