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Backstop CRM contract

Hi guys,

The client of mine is in the process of reviewing a CRM software offering from Backstop.    They have attached their contract, can you specifically review the portion in Security regarding subscriber responsibilities regarding security.   Can you let me know if you would be comfortable with this from your side?  Here is the Security portion:

(a) .
(b) . BSG shall provide Subscriber with the ability to create, modify and assign Permissions required for each User to access the Service. Subscriber shall be solely responsible for safeguarding the Permissions and otherwise complying with the password and security procedures that BSG may establish from time to time. Subscriber assumes full legal and financial responsibility for all instructions of any nature that are reasonably accepted and acted upon by BSG in accordance with such Permissions. Subscriber shall promptly notify BSG if it becomes aware that the security of its Permissions has been compromised.
Viruses. Subscriber shall (and shall cause its Users to) take commercially reasonable precautions, consistent with an entity doing business in Subscriber’s market, to avoid introducing any virus, worm, or other malicious computer code into the Service.
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Principal Consultant
Seems reasonably normal to me. My interpretation is that BSG is providing a system that has user accounts with adjustable permissions. The subscriber (your client?) can adjust permissions for users and has to take responsibility for what users do.

I would be comfortable and I think it highly unlikely that you could get this section changed.
I agree with feridum -- this is a fairly standard agreement, and in line with industry standards and expectations, on both sides.