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Deleted Bookmark Folders not completely gone in Firefox

Olav00007 asked
I have some bookmark folders that are still visible in some tools, and also HTML export:
    <DT><H3 ADD_DATE="1266576405" LAST_MODIFIED="1276595611">EMIT search</H3>

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Hove can I make sure it is completely gone?
How can I find such folders?
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I just did a test with my firefox 3.5.4, created a bookmark folder and then deleted it and then did export html
bookmark.html file but

cannot find the created folder anywhere .. it really is gone as expected, so you do something different i guess.

Do you have some backup options running somewhere or kinda unusual preferences or buggy version ?
What the asker mentions only in another thread (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Internet_Email/Web_Browsers/Firefox/Q__26260003.html) is that he uses a) the FF add-in 'Duplicates Detector' to detect and remove duplicate files and folders, b) Xmarks for syncing across separate FF installations.

It is not at all unlikely that either one of these, or the simultaneous use of both, could be responsible for those revenant ghost folders.
If the core of the bookmarks stock is relatively old and has been handed down through FF versions over the years, it is also thinkable that these folders might have emerged in the process of changing the FF bookmarks format from Html to a Sqlite database - a process that took place between FF versions 2 and 3.

In any case, there seems to be no way for us to reproduce such folders, hence we cannot test on our machines how to get rid of them for good. It may be even necessary to manually prune the places.sqlite database.

Before engaging in such a database cleaning, here is something I'd try if I personally had to deal with this:
-In FF, go to Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks > Import and Backup > Backup, and save the bookmarks to a .json file.
-Close FF.
-Go to your FF profile folder (http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Profiles) and move a) the 'places.sqlite' file and b) all files inside the 'bookmarkbackups' subfolder away to a backup folder
-Fire up FF; it should now have only a set of default bookmarks like after a fresh installation
-Restore your bookmarks from the .json folder

Maybe that helps.


Thanks torimar - will be some time before I can check it out.

I though perhaps it had something to do with that some browser does have hidden folders?

The IE favorites folder is a system folder; I guess this will apply to its subfolders as well.

If you have been using Xmarks extensively over the years for synching between IE and other browsers, I should not be surprised to learn that this might have created those folders somehow. After all, IE's bookmarking system is not really compatible to others.
To avoid this in the future, try to use and sync ideally only one browser type, or at least only non-IE browsers.