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finger swipe not working with W7 Ultimate

GoHuskers asked
I installed a UPEK finger print reader on an older Precision Desktop but when I logon it doesn't ask me to use finger swipe. If I swipe my finger anyway it says I need to choose the swipe option instead. I can goto the control panel and it lets me choose "on" and logon to domain and computer.
I let the system install the driver and I don't have any other software for it. Do I need aditional software or will W7 run it?
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Windows 7 should run it. Have you tried Dell Support for driver:
Could even be some driver incompatibility issue have heard of GPU(graphics card driver issue with ATI)
Not saying that is your trouble but Would need more info to really nail down solution.
Please provide full system specs and current driver for UPEK being used.
Will do our Best.


I am using a precision 450 with a BIOS date of 2005 which I am using for dating purposes. I am running the most current version though
the driver is UPEK which W7 went out and found
I tried to install the driver from Dell but it said my system wasn't supported. Which I figured would happen because my system wasn't listed on therer compatabilty list.
let me know what else you require for info.


I totally missed something very obvious. It was working all along.
I appreciate the info. that you did offer.