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users not appear in GAL

Arabsoft_AD asked
Dear All,

When I open a new email in outlook and I go to "To" tap to choose mailbox or contacts, I found something strange, some users are not appear in GAL. If I go to "All Contacts", I can find all users.

Why some users or contacts are not appearing in GAL by default?

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BusbarSolutions Architect

this is because when you view them you view the offline address list, so make sure that you downloaded the most updated OAL, if those are newly created users then give it 24 hours before trying since OAB is built every day at 5 AM
That is usually the case. Also sometimes if you are running exchange 2007 and the updates are not appearing in the GAL right away you may need to run these two commands.

get-addresslist | update-addresslist
get-globaladdresslist | update-globaladdresslist


I have Exchange 2010
I even created those users since a week, they not appear in GAL but they appear in "all Address list"
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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Something could be creating this illusion. If you or your administrator have recently added new Exchange mailboxes to your domain environment and you are using cache exchange mode your OAB will not update until the following day. The OAB only updates once a day.

To test this, disable cache exchange mode from the Outlook client, close Outlook, double check that it is in fact not using cache exchange mode, then go back into TO: and see if you can see the missing users in the GAL.

Another thing you can try is forcing the OAB from exchange from the Outlook client. Do the following...
- In Outlook, click Tools
- Send and Receive
- Download Outlook Address Book...

This will resend the latest OAB to your exchange client (note that this step is not needed if you are not using cache exchange mode)
If this still doesn't work for cache exchange mode then you will need to wait for the next OAB update cycle which only happens once a day.
BusbarSolutions Architect

can you try to view them in OWA!


yes, it's appear in OWA

I had a similar problem with users not appearing in the GAL, and forcing the Outlook client to download the OAB didn't help.  

Turned out the Exchange System Attendant service had stopped.  Don't know why it stopped, but restarting it solved this problem.  We have Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003.  
Solutions Architect
if they are in OWA and they are not in outlook then it is OAB problem.
make sure that internal URL is assigned to the OAB virtual directory and that name is included in the SSL certificate assigned to the IIS.
make sure that no proxy settings in IE prevents the outlook from the connection and see if you have any errors in the sync folder.
download the OAB and then see how it goes.

Good solution Spec01!  This worked for me as well!!!!