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Outlook Safe Senders List and Forefront for Exchange 2010

exlinechris asked
I am using Forefront Security for Exchange (local version, NOT online).  Can someone please validate that if an end-user adds someone to the safe senders list in Outlook Forefront WILL NOT filter messages from safe senders.

I would hope Microsoft has this all tied together but you can never be sure.

Please advise...
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Solutions Architect
Forefront is not aware of the user's safe senders, Exchange is and this will be replicated and updated with the FF.
and this is only true if you enable safelist aggregation with Exchange 2007 and out 2007 or later:
Kristofer NurmiaSenior System Engineer

Safe Senders added by the user will also go to the Exchange server, so IMF (Intelligent Message Filter) knows not to filter the messages user considers safe. This will not prevent Forefront from scanning the messages and removing unwanted content (viruses etc.) from the messages. More info on IMF at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb288484.aspx.
BusbarSolutions Architect

this is Exchange 2010 there is no IMF!!!!