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Login without Password

I have an intranet zone wich is linked with the active directory , whenever you open it will request username and password, until here everything is successfull, however I have another portal site which request also a username and password my question is from this site how I can redirect a certain  links to the intranet zone but without requesting a login and password when it comes from this site. just not to make difficult for user and having 2 password.
Thank you
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Use LDAP in one of its' many flavors. OpenLDAP being the open source choice.

add the site to the "local intranet" or "trusted sites" in IE
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I'm assuming you're talking about an internal website using Windows Authentication...set clients' browsers to automatically logon with the current username/password for sites in the intranet zone, they will never be prompted for a username/password and will always be logged on with whatever credentials they used to log onto the computer.


yes I it's an internal website that can be accessible from outside too and yes it's right it use Windows authentication. how I can do that when the link is coming from specific site or IP address


maybe I did not explain it properly my site local site  xxx.edu howerver people cal login from outside but of course this request a username/password through windows activie directory authentication.

we have also another outside site which also request username and password. which is now our primary portal site, but of course we also have link to the local site. my main concern when the log to the portal and the want to link from it the local on I do not need them to get the windows authentication if they are coming from the portal.
I am using IIS
Windows 3003
if there is a group policy / or a security  that I need to apply
thank you so much


I should be set as a policy