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Best backup solution for multiple OS

I currently am using Norton Ghost to backup computers here. It works for the majority of cases. the issue is we have certain equipment they want backed up in case of failure that do not run off of Windows. Some are weird 3rd party/UNIX/OS2/MAa OS9/Legacy machines. Is there any software that runs off it's own CD that can handle backing up all these computers? OR would I need to find a  backup solution for each OS separately?

Any suggestions are greatly appeciated!
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Do it yourself,

Create a task (crontab on linux) that executes a batch file, you can rar, zip, copy, move, start stop services from command lines on every OS.


So I'm supposed to learn how to make a recovery backup for every operating system? We have no more than 2 (90% 1) computer in each of these "off" OS's. We are 97% Windows, where Ghost handles everything fine.

I know many claim to be able to backups any os, but many (at least as OS2 goes) don't include everything needed to really restore a dead computer.

Was wondering if there were any out there that handled this?
I recomend you PING (Partimage is not ghost) you can use from a linux live-cd. It allows to save and restore windows fat and ntfs as well as linux partitions on disk or over the network.
You can find it on a live systemrescue cd at: http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page
or on a smaller linux live cd at: http://ping.windowsdream.com/
So you need a full backup image from disc, not a file - directory backup?


yes, full image backup, in case the equipment computer fails we can rebuild without having to pay tens of thousands to get it done by the vendor.
The standard way to get backups of *nix systems in the Good Old Days was either dd or tar -- and this should be supported still on any *nix system.  This did require the backup device to be directly connected to the system in question, so you'd need a number of tape drives.  The commands will be essentially the same from one system to the next, usually changing only the backup target.  Heck, if they support USB-attach devices, you might be able to use one of HP's USB DAT tape drives and move it from system to system.

Or, you can look for a commercial backup application that supports all or most of your 'off' OSs, and run the client piece on those systems, using the master server as the backup server to put the backups on its tape drive.

The issues you're having is one of the reasons people try to standardize on one or two operating systems... it's a common problem.
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