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Linux copy files throttle speed

I have a simple Linux 2.6.x Kernel running on an appliance.  I need to move a couple hundred large 1-2GB log files to an archive on a NAS server.  Problem is when I move these files at full throttle critical processes running on the server slow to a crawl.  I currently have a directory on the NAS server mounted as a volume and I'm using the mv command to move the files.

 Is there a way to throttle the speed of my file transfer?

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why not use the scp command. It 'copies' the files/folders and you can also manage the speed at which it is transferred.

scp source destination -l Kbits/s

where -l is limit bandwidth. Check man scp for details.
If you have a shell access ou can lower io priority of the mv process

Like l4ncel0t said:
ionice -c3 <your cp command>

 is better solution then speed limit.

it works really great