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chamge URL for outlook web access

didba asked
Hello Experts,
we have OWA url https://s1.companyname.com/owa. We would like to change URL https://webmail.companyname.com/owa. Please provide the step by step procedure.

environment: exchange 2007 on windows 2003.

Thanks in advance.

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AkhaterSolutions Architect
1. register webmail.compnay.com in the external DNS and make it point to the IP of s1.company.com
2. Issue another Certificate for exchange including webmail.company.com as SAN name
3. on exchange server use the following script to change all virtual directories to the correct pathes


this is at a high level, if you need more details about any step please let me know

also do you have ISA or a firewall?
add webmail.companyname.com to your external dns-server (pointing to the same ip as "s1.companyname.com". Then enter this name to your ssl-cert which you're buying or building yourself.

That's it.

BusbarSolutions Architect
1) update the webmail.companyname.com DNS record to point the external IP you have.
2) configure the SSL certificate assigned to the Exchange with the new name (webmail.companyname.com).
3) Change the external URL in the OWA virtual directory:
Im sure theres other ways but this way always works for me ...

In IIS create a new site and name it Webmail, give it a host header as well with the same name.  Follow the wizard throught just to create a normal site. Once it completes, open the properties, and head over the the directory security tab.

In DNS Create a CNAME record named WEBMAIL using the SBS servers A record.

Select the option "A redirection to a URL" then type in http://localhost/exchange 

Create a New Web Server Publishing rule in ISA to listen on http://webmail.domainname.com and have it point to the Webmail site you created in the first step.

from: http://forums.isaserver.org/m_2002044156/mpage_1/key_/tm.htm


DO i need new certificate even if i use wildcard certifiate like ' *.companyname.com' ?
BusbarSolutions Architect

nop if you use wild card you don't need it will work
AkhaterSolutions Architect

No you do not need a new one if you use a wild card certificate


Thanks for quick and accurate reply.