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Do you Need to run Exchange 2010 preps in Account Forest?

Rachel Flewelling

In Exchange 2003 days, you had to run Forest Prep, and you had to run Domain preparations on any domain of that forest that was going to contain user objects with mailboxes.

In Exchange 2010, if one were to create from scratch (no previous Exchange) an Account Forest and an Exchange Resource Forest, Is it required to run Exchange 2010 Forest or Domain Prep on the Account Forest?  

Follow up question, what if the Account Forest mentioned in the above question is an existing Forest that has user objects with mailboxes on an Exchange 2003 Server in the same forest.  Would Exch 2010 preparations need to be run, and what of the impact on the current Exchange 2003 users and mailboxes? (regarding the need for /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions or anything)

References (that don't answer the above for me):

Deploy Exchange 2010 in an Exchange Resource Forest Topology

Prepare Active Directory and Domains

Thanks in advance
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Solutions Architect
1) you don't need to run any exchange prep in the account forest, the resource forest will only have the exchange preps done and Exhcange installed.
2) the account forest will not be affected since you don't need to run any Exhcange prep, even if you do it will not harm the system



Thank you very much for those comments.  Do you know of any links or resources that speak of this?  I'm sorry I was unable to locate any.  


Requesting additional links or resources, but answer to question found.