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Is it possible to apply style, such as bold or color,  to a single line in TMemo1 control?

IT79637 asked
For example, I have a memo1 field that has a list of files to process.  The files are processed sequentially from top to bottom.  I would like to indicate which file is currently processing by applying style to that file name (or line) while it processes.  When it is done, I would un-bold the line and bold the next file in the list which will process next.

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That is not going to be possible with a TMemo.  You could do this with a TRichEdit though it’s going to involve a fair amount of code. Another approach would be to use a TListBox with the style set to OwnerDraw . Then you can control how text is displayed in the OnDrawItem event
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I'm with Steve.
If you have a list of files to process (you control the list), a TListBox with ownerdraw is the most appropriate.
If the list can be user entered, then it is a different thing, I can see how a TMemo makes sense.  But you could swap it for TRichEdit with minimal fuss and they can still cut and paste into it.

See the accepted solution for this Q for how to bold a specific line in a TRichEdit.

Hi IT79637,

If You are looking for example of how to implement OwnerDraw procedure on TListBox, then I have one for You.
You could find it at: http://vitesoft.net/nowa/upload/ListBox%20OwnerDraw/
TRichEdit its your solution!


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