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Getting Access Denied when trying to create new folders/docs via shortcut

tssi asked
I have a file share on one server that is being used for an FTP site and I created a shortcut to the share and placed it on a few internal users desktops. The permissions are correct for the users, as they can access and manipulate with no problems when they browse to the actual folder share. But when they access the share via the shortcut, they get access denied messages when trying to create new folders or documents. I don't understand why.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Windows ver of your clients?
So, you can open the share via shortucut and get the error when you try to create/add/delete elements?
Or do you have the error only opening shortcut?


Windows XP and Windows 7 mixed on the clients. The shortcut opens with no problems, and they can navigate and open files with no issues. But they get access denied when trying to create new folders/files.

If they browse to the full URL of the folder share -- not using the shortcut -- they have no trouble.
It looks like they are accessing these files/folder from 2 different share: is it possible? Cosuld you post the compelte unc path you acces the share from start\run and the one on shortcut on desktop?


They are identical. I checked that first just to be sure -- and I created the shortcut directly from the folder share, by right clicking and creating shortcut.
Turns out the "Share" permissions were slightly off from the NTFS permissions. I corrected this and everything works now.